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Hands working with paper and scale

The Story of

Seedhi Jalebi

Seedhi Jalebi has its roots in the family run company called Matvira that sells my dad’s artworks and products from the art works. We would often travel to different fairs and exhibitions all over India promoting my dad’s art. It was for one of these exhibitions a few years ago, that I decided to take a chance and made more than a 100 fridge magnets in order to add something different to the stall. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we sold out very quickly! 

Following the success of the fridge magnets we realized that this had the potential to become something more and came up with the name Seedhi Jalebi.

Still just an idea, Seedhi Jalebi started growing into something real a few months later when I joined a few book clubs on #bookstagram and realized that other people shared the same love for bookmarks as I did. One successful test run for the bookmarks at another exhibition, I was convinced that this could become a real company and 4 months later on 7th January, 2019 Seedhi Jalebi was officially launched!

Seedhi Jalebi has grown from selling one category of products to now selling more than 200 fun products across 6+ categories, all handcrafted with love just for you. The business is run by me with help from my two full time employees / biggest supporters, my mom and dad. 

Why did we decide to call it Seedhi Jalebi? Well the name Seedhi Jalebi reflects the quirky nature of our products that you can’t help falling in love with. After all, seedhi ho ya teedi, who doesn’t love jalebi?

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